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Comlink was founded in 1999, Created to offer LIDB validation service over its IP to SS7/Sigtran platform plus its Operator Services platform for Automated and Operater Assisted calls, billing and collection services using its billing agreement with TEIR 1 AND TIER 2 TELCOS. Our ability to provide many payment options: calling card, credit card, collect, and third-party billing for Telco calling cards, established Comlink as a leader in this business segment.

Provide TDM, SS7, SIP and CCXML platform with Millions of ports across the US, EU and Asia. Highly scalable and globally distributed. Provided IN Platform to TELUS, BELL, Verizon and TATA.

We have a solid history of success. For more than 13 years, Comlink has helped increase and/or preserve our customers' voice and messaging and data revenue streams, while protecting infrastructure investments by adding value added services on top. We have a robust global presence. We have successfully executed and deployed projects for customers including Bell Canada, TELUS, Cable and Wireless, Toronto Hydro and Tata Communications, Verizon Wireless.

With latest breakthrough in Telemedicine and eLearning/mLearning platform. Platform we are geared up with our State-of-the-Art Voice, Video and Messaging modules.

Comlink believes making communication simple for everyone.

Management Team

Telecom and IT Industry Verterans Lead our Organization
Amit Panjwani

Amit Panjwani

Co-Founder, President and CEO
Computer/Electronics engineer, with over 3 decades of experience in Telecommunication industry. Innovator, Visionary and Entrepreneur. Have worked with companies like NYNEX, BELL SOUTH, VERIZON WIRELESS, AT&T, BELL CANADA, TELUS, TATA Communications, RELIANCE, CABLE & WIRELESS, TELEPORT just to name a few. Founded Comlink in 2001 with Mission to build and deploy communication platforms/application which follows principles of open standards, bridges the gap between IP and SS7 networks. Help carriers to easily transition to IP network.
Brian Neely

Brian Neely

Co-Founder and COO
Graduate of the University of Western Ontario with 39+ years of Senior Management experience, 16 years in retail Marketing and merchandise procurement as Vice president Marketing and Merchandise for the Agnew Group, Canada’s largest footwear retailer with distribution between Agnew, Aggies and Ashton. As a Director of Rogers Communication, Retail Division for 6 years and with the incorporation and launch of Comlink in 2001, there are over 23 years of dedication to the telecom industry, focused on Sales, Marketing and Administration.
Arshad Patel

Arshad Patel

With Over three decades of innovative and entrepreneurial experience in the Telecommunication field, has developed several products and applications for the Telecom Industry. He has a B.S. degree in Electronics and Communications and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Nevada, Reno. Having started out as a software engineer developing systems for automated Operator Services for the Hospitality and Correctional industry, he started his own company which developed several firsts in the industry including a non Telco SS7 LIDB Gateway for billing authentication and also a non card based mobile prepaid system.

Our Technocrats

Comlink has a team of 50+ Developers, Solution Architects, Program Managers, Tech Leads and Product Managers Spread across North America, Europe and India. These are the enthusiastic Technocrats who actually shape our vision into reality time and again