Built on Comlink™’s powerful second generation CPaaS solution – CpaaS 2.0

Kulfi is a cloud-based, fully-featured mobile & desktop collaboration application, providing messaging in public or private channels to any user company-internal or company-external in real time, SIP integration, file sharing, geo-aware audio conferencing, live streaming HD video conferencing.

Offers significantly better integration options and higher voice/video performance at a much lower per user cost.


Endorsed by over million users
1,000,000 existing users in APAC (Customized solution)
SIP Extensible
The only collaboration platform that can connect to any SIP PBX
Pluggable with Third Party Applications
Enables extending any 3 rd party application through the API layer
Free Connectivity
Users can connect to any end user anywhere in real-time for free
Carrier Grade Platform
Designed to meet the demands of global carriers
Inbuilt Persona
For IT Support, Telemedicine and IoT


Kulfi platform has a host of features which makes it seamless experience you can collaborate like
everyone is in the same room

Unlimited message historyAudio to text conversionWhite Labelling
Public channelAnalytics reportingReal-time user federation
Private channelEngagement dashboardWebhook integration
Broadcast channelLive streamingREST API
Mobile and webMentionsScreen sharing during call
Live ChatRead receiptBot support
EmailSocial network loginPeer-to-peer with push
Omni channel integrationConferencing serverStreaming video-conferencing
Multifactor AuthenticationCustom domainsQuality audio conferencing
LDAP/Active directoryLive broadcast to youtubeFile sharing across servers
Lock roomsVideo callsMute/unmute remote users
SIP connectivitySoft-Switch connectivityOffnet-SMS (SMS Enablement)
SIP Gateway (PSTN Support)Join video via SIPNotifications and alerts


What are the advantages for Service Providers?
1. Kulfi is the only collaboration platform with SIP Integration for any SIP endpoint or PBX
2. Its Cloud based, Easily offer to your VOIP business customers as an value add service.
3. Off-Net SMS (support for SMS-enabled DIDs)
4. The most valuable of all is that It can be white-label – Service Providers can brand their solution with their own look & feel (logos, colors, etc.)
5. High performance Video Conference calls using our geo-location routing
6. Attractive margins for Service Providers vs existing collaboration platforms
What’s in the Box for Enterprises?

1. Kulfi supports Bot implementation for added intelligence for an enterprise Off-Net SMS
2. Added security using Multi-factor Authentication & End-To-End Encryption
3. Extensible via REST APIs allow extensions to be made with other platforms
4. Webhook integration support for Zapier, Asure alerts, Bitbucket, GitHUB, GitLab, Google Calendar, Jira, Box, plus more
5. Built in personal Video Conference with higher incredible quality on mobile or desktop
6. Omni-channel live chat Integration so that Enterprise users can initiate a chat with customer using Facebook Messenger or What’s APP (add on)

*It is the communication backbone of your organization
Internally: Sales, Marketing, Support (Jira integration), Engineering, Executive,
Externally: Customers, Partners, Prospects

*Offers Real-time Federation
External users can be added to a conversation on the fly Voice calls
Streaming HD Video calls